Meet our team

scp architects engineers is an architectural award winning firm based in Larnaca Cyprus that undertakes Architectural Projects and Master plans. It was founded in 1996 by Christos Savva and in 2002 Antigone Stylianou joined the practice.

It is our intention to achieve high quality buildings of Architectural individuality and self-identity respecting the occupantsandbroad surroundings. Our firm designs and supervises residential buildings, apartment blocks, housing compounds, commercial foundations and industrial installations.

In 2009 the practice entered the International Property Awards competition and won

  • Best Architecture (single unit ) Cyprus
  • Best European Architecture ( single unit )
  • Best International Architecture ( single unit )

Our advantages

  • icon_01Philosophyscp endeavors to accomplish function into form as it interacts with various kinds of practices. Our intention is to reach realization that derives from collaboration of aesthetics and means of construction.
  • icon_02Aim + DesignOur basic principle is the creation of a successful building or a master plan that relies on both the client’s needs and a philosophy with concept based on the principles of architecture.
    Buildings should be distinctive respecting social, financial and ecological aspects. Therefore we aim to unique buildings that rely on the client’s needs and inner psychology in order to improve quality of life in their daily environment both at work and domestic. 
  • icon_03CostWe recommend our clients to set a desirable budget at the beginning of the design process in order to avoid cost escalations.
    Once the design process is completed we prepare detailed design and construction drawings and studies to ensure the desirable cost.
  • icon_04QualityQuality and finish are objectives that scp architects engineers keep throughout construction and completion of each project. Therefore a number of appropriate consultants according to the demands of each project are strategically assigned to ensure the desirable result.
    Each consultant carries out a detailed study which is then followed by an extensive supervision during construction time and completion. 
  • icon_05TimeTime is money therefore a feasible timetable is set out at the beginning of each project in order to ensure the desirable completion time.



Becoming a world-beating company in the highly competitive property industry is no mean feat. Achieving this level of success takes a vast amount of talent and expertise not to mention an iron will to excel above all others. And that’s exactly what SCP ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS has done as the ultimate winners of this year’s International Property Awards in association with CNBC Arabiya were announced in California on Thursday (November 12th).


SCP ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS won the BEST INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE (SINGLEUNIT) at a prestigious gala dinner held at the US Grant Hotel in San Diego. Only the top scoring winners from no less than 105 countries were nominated to represent the finest property companies from across the UK, Europe, Africa, Americas, Arabia and Asia Pacific.

Entrants are initially judged at country or regional level. All in all, there are 36 different categories and up to two of the most outstanding entries in each category are given a four-star award, while the best overall entry is given a five-star. Every five-star winner’s entry is then re-examined to determine which companies go forward to be re-judged for the ultimate World’s Best Award. This symbol of worldwide excellence is already recognised and appreciated by the public who are becoming increasingly well informed and discerning about the properties they buy.

Entries were judged by a panel of 52 independent professionals whose collective knowledge of the property industry is unsurpassed by any other property awards. The International property Awards are also supported by 12 professional bodies such as the National House Builders Council, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the National Association of Estate Agents and many of these are represented on the judging panel.

Christos A. Savva Founding Architect of SCP ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS said of achieving this worldwide accolade and recognition, “It is a great honour to compete among the best and win the highest reward in such competition. We are proud of the work and quality our practice is able to offer to its clients.”

Antigone Stylianou Savva associate of SCP ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS, said of achieving this worldwide accolade and recognition, ‘It has been a great experience taking part in this competition and wining is the highest award is certainly an excellent achievement. Being the Best among the best is an honour we are proud to announce.”


To deliver service you need knowledge, to deliver good service you have to add understanding, but delivering excellent service requires passion



Our Associates / External Partners

Paraskevas Georgiou                                                 Civil Engineer

Aris Sophocleous                                                        Civil Engineer

Giorgos Georgiou                                                       Civil Engineer

Nikolas Katsaris                                                           Electrical Engineer

Andreas Tzitzimbourounis                                      Mechanical Engineer

Marphil                                                                          Land Surveyors